State Championships   


Competition begins approx. 30 minutes after report times.


  • More detailed instruction on entrance for athletes, Coaches, and spectators have been emailed to your gym club.


  • There is a fee to park at the convention center


  • 3 total spectators/guests may attend per athlete regardless of age. 
  • Admission fee is $25 per guest CASH ONLY
  • Due to restrictions, there will be No concessions for sale in the arena so please bring your own water, etc; however, coolers will not be permitted. 



Satuday May 8th

Session 1)

8am Report 
Bronze: 12 yrs & up

Session 2)

11:15am Report 
Bronze: 9-11yrs & Diamond, 9-11yrs

Session 3)

2:20pm Report 
Diamond: 12 yrs & up

Session 4)

5:40pm Report 
Silver: All ages

Sunday  May 9th
Session 1)
8am Report
Gold & Platinum: All ages
Session 2)
11:40am Report
Copper 1: All ages
Session 3)
2:40pm Report
Copper 2:  7&8 yrs  ,  10yrs.
Session 4)
5:15pm Report
Copper 2:  9yrs.  ,  11yrs & up