Regional Championships   

Memorial Day Weekend

May 27th - 29th, 2022

Wildwood Convention Center

4501 Boardwalk

Wildwood, NJ 08260

We are excited to have the following clubs in attendance:

Aeon  NJ,  Apex  NY,  Art of Gymnastics  NJ,   Axiom NJ,  Blakes NJ,  Chenego NY,  Cherry Hill NJ,   Diamond East Hanover NJ,  Diamond Hoboken NJ,  Discovery NY,  Elite NJ,   Everesr NJ,   Flips NY,  Flip Out PA,  Flyers NJ,  GMGC Centerreach,  GMGC Garden City NY,  GMGC Smithtown NY,  Gym Time NY,  Hills NY,  JK PA,  Julie's NY,  Mid Island NY,   Neu Era NY,  North Stars NJ,  Phoenix PA,  Progressive NY,  Rainbow NJ,  Randolph NJ,  Revel VA,  Rising Stars NJ,  Sagamore NY,  Steel City PA,  Towers NY,   Westy's NJ,  Zodiac NJ




Session 1: Report Time 6:00pm

Copper 1: ALL AGES


Session 2: Report time 8:00AM 

Copper 2: Ages 7 - 10 yrs

Session 3: Report time 10:15AM 

Copper 2: Ages 11 - 15 yrs

Session 4: Report time 1:00PM 

Bronze: Ages 6 - 8 yrs , 10 - 11 yrs

Session 5: Report time 4:15PM 

Bronze: Ages 9 yrs, 12+ yrs


Session 6: Report time 8:00AM 

Gold/Platinum: All Ages

Silver: Ages 16+ yrs

Session 7: Report time 11:00AM 

Silver: Ages 8 - 13yrs

Session 8: Report time 1:45pm 

Silver: Ages 14 - 15 yrs

Diamond: Ages 14 - 18 yrs

Session 9: Report time 4:30pm 

Diamond: Ages 8 - 13 yrs






Email Senior Bios that include

Name, Club, Favorite event, College or career path, Special thanks, and a Favorite quote 

to [email protected]




Fine Designs 

Event Logo Apparel

Ryan & Emma's Goodies

Candy grams & Gifts 



Team Sunglasses Contest! ~ winner chosen by the Judges

100% All-Around Awards

100% Team Awards if Team fee paid


Admission TBA

Competition will begin approx. 30 mins after report time.